And Then You Fall

“How did you get out of your bed?!?”

Of course, the 13-year-old had to have gotten the 2-year-old out of his baby bed. The toddler could not have done it himself.

The teenager denied any wrongdoing.

Mom and dad, who had fostered the baby boy since shortly after he was born, again turned their attention to him. “Show us how you got out of your bed.”


The next week, they were in their room, looked up, and there he was again. They were determined to find out how this boy was getting out of a baby bed.

“Come, show me how you got out of your bed,” dad said, taking the baby back to his room and placing him in his baby bed. This time, he was ready to share his boundary-defeating secret.

“First, I do like this. Then I put my hand like this. Then I do my leg like this,” he demonstrated as his foster parents watched in amazement.

Hanging by his limbs from the side of the baby bed, he showed them the final move he’d discovered to the freedom his bed was supposed to prevent him from accessing. “And then, I fall.” He let go and hit the ground. Ta da! He was free to move about as he pleased.

As I listened and laughed with my friend as she recounted her experience, I began to share with her the spiritual lesson I saw, and that brought me to tears. “This baby is preaching a message, and he has no idea,” I said.

As we talked, she shared more. He had started throwing tantrums at bedtime because he wanted to stay up, so about a week prior to him sharing his secret with his foster parents, my friend, his foster mother, had placed the screaming toddler in his bed and exited the room. A moment or so later, she heard a loud BAM, and the baby was screaming like he’d been stabbed. He hadn’t been. What he had done was hit his head on the side of the baby bed, after finding a way to angrily flip himself out of it. She ran into the room, scooped him up, and comforted him.

“What,” I asked her. “You mean he had banged his head on the side of the bed, and that did not deter him from trying to escape the baby bed on his own?”

It had not. I told you, this baby was preaching!

Here is what he was saying (though he had no idea): “When you begin to understand that boundaries – even those originally intended for your good – have become places of confining limitation, take action, and free yourself!” He was saying, “Forget about the pain and bruises of the past. Learn from them, and do not let them stop you. They were meant to help you find a better way, not to keep you from achieving, not to bind you up with fear.” He was saying, “Family, friends, and others who know me, you have no idea what I can do now. You underestimate me because you do not understand the potential in me.” He was saying, “Be willing to fall because sometimes that is exactly what has to happen in order for you to be free. How long can you hang around with your rear end pointed to the sky, legs hanging over the edge of your baby bed, hanging on until your knuckles turn several shades lighter than you are? Let go. There’s a whole, big house for you to explore - when you fall!”

Check back next week for the rest of this story and life lesson!

What Have You Done

Beauty. That was all she wanted – the kind her older sister had. That desire consumed her so, that when she unexpectantly came upon a beauty spell in a book, she ripped out the page and later recited it out loud. She got her wish: to be beautiful, exactly as her older sister was. But she soon found that her wish resulted in the elimination of her own existence. 

If you are a Chronicles of Narnia fan, as I am, then you probably already know that this description is about Lucy, the youngest of four siblings on whose adventures the series is based. 

As Lucy stands in the mirror looking at herself and full of disillusion with her temporal, newfound beauty, the lion, Aslan, who guides her and her siblings throughout the series, appears.

“Lucy, what have you done, child?”
“I don’t know. It was awful.”
“But you chose it, Lucy.”
“I didn’t mean to choose all of that. I just wanted to be beautiful like Susan, that was all.”
“You wished yourself away and with it much more. Your brothers and sister wouldn’t know Narnia without you, Lucy. You discovered it first. Remember?
“I’m sorry.”
“You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.” 

Child of God, what have you done? As life’s unexpected sucker punches have landed, as you have compared yourself to others, as you have tried to mask the sense of feeling less than – What. Have. You. Done? 

Part of the profundity of the interaction between Aslan and Lucy in the aforementioned scene is that Lucy was not consciously wishing that she did not exist. She just wanted to exist in a different way – a way that she believed was better than the way she had been created. What Aslan revealed was that consciously or subconsciously, her desire was the equivalent to wishing herself away. Lucy confesses that she does not know what she has done, but that the experience was awful. Aslan helps her understand that however awful it was, she chose it. “I didn’t mean to choose all of that,” she says. All she wanted was to be beautiful like her sister. 

Does that sound somewhat familiar? I didn’t mean to get addicted to drugs, I just wanted to be accepted by my peer group or to find some relief from life’s pains. You don’t know what I’ve been through. You don’t understand. I didn’t mean to fall in love with this person who I know is not good for me, I just wanted to be with someone, to be loved. I did not mean to distance myself from God, I just didn’t want to seem like a fanatic. I wanted to be relatable, in a contemporary way. I didn’t mean to turn my back on God’s call, I just wanted to be a lawyer, a husband, a wife, a parent, a professor, a law enforcement officer, a professional athlete, an entrepreneur. The list is endless. 

Child of God, what have you done?  

As many of us know or are soon reminded of when we make weakness-based choices, there is always more on the other side that choice than what was originally in our view as we pursued the desire. The beauty of this principle is that the opposite is also true! When we make right, Christ-based decisions, there is far more on the other side of those choices than we initially see. Hallelujah for that!

Recently, I had the opportunity to share this message during a group life coaching class. The topic caused the participants pause. A couple of people said they did not believe they had wished themselves away, but rather that they had suffered from a lack of identity. I reminded them that Lucy had not consciously wished herself away. Like them, she too, lacked as sense of identity. That lack led to her wishing for something that had nothing to do with who she was divinely designed to be. Has your area of lack caused you to morph into, wish look like, act like, live like, or to become something other than who and what you were uniquely designed to be … to doubt your value … to run from who you are?

As Aslan reminded Lucy, it was because of her that her brothers and sister found Narnia, a land where they are royalty and where they fight and overcome evil to help those who cannot fight (and win) for themselves. These innocent people’s destinies are directly linked to the willingness of Lucy and her siblings to answer the call. Whose destiny is tied to your willingness to welcome and embrace the you that was in the mind of God before He formed you in your mother’s womb? 
As a culture, we think we know more than the One who did the creating. It shows up in our lives through fruitless chases after wealth and fame, through identity crises – sexual, gender, and otherwise – in romantic relationships where marriage is deemphasized, and in a plethora of other ways. 

Hallelujah for Jesus! We have entered Holy Week, and none of our struggles caught Christ off guard. He knew, before we wished to be something or someone other than what and who He wanted, that we would face this dilemma. It did not rattle Him in the slightest. What it did do is compel him to clothe Himself in flesh, travel the painful road to Calvary, die for us, and rise so that we could have access, not only to eternal life, but also to deliverance, wholeness, and right perspective while we are here, in our unglorified human form.

In the words of the song, “Worth,” by Anthony Brown, He (Christ) thought we were worth saving! Knowing that one struggle of humankind would be the struggle of self-worth, He illustrated for us the ultimate example of understood worth – the willingness to not just die, but to first be tortured, publicly shamed, and then put to death – for us! Thank you, Jesus!

Sometimes we forget – especially when we take our eyes off Him and put them on ourselves, our circumstances, materials things, or others. In those times, it is easy to suffer from identity crises, a devalued sense of self, and ultimately to wish ourselves away. 

It is when we focus on truth, not our truth, but on the truth that we are able to gain/regain right perspective. 

As we move through Holy Week, which just also happens to be the end of the first quarter of this year, I encourage you to finish strong, get right perspective on you, and to enter Resurrection Sunday, which will also be the first day of the second quarter of this year, strong, renewed, and on the journey to fully appreciating the you that was in the mind of God before you were squeezed or cut out of your mother’s womb.

Then, when you are asked, “Child of God, what have you done?” You can answer, “I have embraced the beauty of me that I could not previously see, but that was always in the mind of God!”

Bless you!

Commanding, Admonishing, and Establishing Understanding

“Just Praise!” That is the word God’s Way received from Eld. Micha Dorsey on Feb. 19. The next Sunday, Feb. 26, Pastor Timothy Carpenter told the congregation, “You have no right to remain silent!” This week, the first Sunday in March, he noted that reaping is non-negotiable. In other words, like it or not, seeds that have been planted will come to harvest in our lives.

So, God’s Way ended February with the command to praise and the admonition that silence is not a right of ours. We began March with the understanding that what we sow, we will reap. There is no negotiating when it comes to that!

Whether you are part of God’s Way or you just happened upon this blog, lift your voice – continually - in praise. As Eld. Dorsey so passionately brought out in her message, bondage will be broken, enemies will be driven out, and joy will fill our environment when we praise. She illustrated this through Paul and Silas’s experience in prison as told in Acts 16:25-26: “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed.” 

If you are or just feel like you are in bondage, praise God, and watch Him move! As Pastor Carpenter so aptly put it, we have no right to be silent. “I’m going through so much right now, I don’t know what to say,” you might think. No problem! Say, “Thank you, Jesus, for being with me.” Say, “Hallelujah, Lord! I praise you for helping me make it through another second!” Say, “I praise you in the midst of my circumstance, though I cannot say I am grateful for it, at this point.” Say, “Help, Lord!” Just part your lips, use your voice, and speak words of life into your atmosphere! Why? Because you are planting seeds that will come back to bless you! Hallelujah!!! As you speak life, you will move further away from bondage, depression, anger, vengeance, and negativity and closer to freedom, joy, peace, long-suffering, and the abundance that Christ died for you to have. You will reach, as Eld. Dorsey said, the point of no return. This is the place where you know that you have advanced too far to stifle your growth by returning to that from which God has delivered you. Hallelujah! Be free!!!

- Rhea Edmonds

Click her to listen to Eld. Dorsey's message

Click here to listen to Pastor Carpenter's Feb. 26 message

He's Not Dead

Just finished the book Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challengeand boy oh boy! If you're looking for something to truly provoke your thoughts and stretch your faith, I HIGHLY recommend this book. I didn't read it in 40 days (I plan to read it again and do a consecutive 40 days) but I'm glad I took my time because it allowed me to dive in and truly put into action the different lessons. I could go on for days about all the notes I took and the things I highlighted but when it comes to prayer, there's a quote in the book that truly shook my mental. It provoked me to realize the true power God has & even more so, the power He's given us.


The author, Mark Batterson, talks about what we envision when we think of God. He went on to give some examples and a familiar one he used was the mental picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. He acknowledged the significance of that vision but it's what he said afterwards that really hit me.


He said,"You aren't praying to a God who is hanging on a cross; Jesus is seated on the throne and the earth is His footstool."


I read that sentence and tried to skim past it but I had to go back and re-read it a few times. We often treat our circumstances as if Jesus never made it off the cross. We act as though our problems can be heard but not changed. Jesus isn't still hanging hoping to convince us that He is capable of doing the impossible. His resurrection is not a question we're waiting for an answer to. He is very much alive. He is died and rose and is seated on the throne interceding on our behalf for everything we experience here on earth. So the next time you pray, think twice about who you're praying to and the power He holds. Consider what He's capable of in comparison to the petition you're bringing to Him. Remember that He is already in control, He's not still suffering! He has conquered death and our sins have been forgiven. Everything we want/need/desire is already in place, we just have to get in alignment with His will in order to receive it! Pray knowing you're already victorious!


A few encouraging lyrics from He's Not Dead by New Hope:


We never thought it could happen

Thought it was impossible

Put ur faith in something small

You can do the impossible

He defeated death

Fulfilled the prophesy

He never died

But alive for eternity


Increase your Faith! Decrease your worry! Pray hard! Live free!



Keep It Moving

Welcome back! Took some unplanned time away which turned out to be just what I needed. Reflection is always healthy but I particularly like when it's unexpected...

While away I realized some new things about myself, 1 being how badly I need this blog. Often times we do things out of obedience thinking it's to help someone else... Truth is, it's for us FIRST! God speaks to me before or during my writing these blogs and I'm grateful for that because it's a reminder that A.) I'm not perfect! B.) Once I've digested it, I now have what I need to help the next person. Ultimately, He wouldn't give it to me to give to you if I didn't need it too. 

Fall is officially upon us which means the year is coming to an end. Normally we'd wait until New Year's Eve to begin reflecting and determine what new resolutions we'll have for the New Year. However, I'm a firm believe that it's never too late to be who you've always wanted to be, or in this case, never too early to start over! With that being said, this month started a new slate for me. Fresh relationship with God! Fresh prayers! Fresh blessings! Fresh ideas! Fresh accomplishments! Fresh ME! 

There may be some things you've failed at in the past... Something you didn't get to do... Someone you never forgave... Regardless of what didn't happen, the question is "Why not NOW?" I've been on a new journey for a couple of months and it's truly forcing me out of my shell. But what's I love the most is how it's stretched my faith. Things I would've never thought to trust God to do are normal requests and expectations now. I believe He can do the impossible for ME! I've learned that my faith Grows or Dies as my relationship with Christ Grows or Dies. I heard an example given referencing the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by Faith and not by sight" (paraphrased). Even when we physically see the failure, denials, empty bank accounts, expiration dates, etc. Be reminded of the scripture, For we walk by FAITH, not by SIGHT! Just as clearly as we see the evidence working against us, we have to believe even harder that God is coming with His stamp of approval to OVERRIDE! 

So regardless of how much you haven't done, it's not over until God says it's over! You do the work and He will meet you there! 

REMEMBER: It's NEVER too late to be who you've always wanted to be, but it's ALWAYS too early to give up! Keep it moving!


I'm on a learning spree guys! You know how they say "you learn something new everyday?" Welp, that's been my life for the past 3 weeks lol but I can't say I've been eager to learn. Why would I tell you this? Well it's because I want you to know, I'm not perfect. See even though I share these blogs of inspiration, encouragement & sometimes conviction, most of the time they're really for me!!! (I had a moment) But moving on...


God has been dealing with me on so many things. Sometimes I'm like "how is it time for a new lesson when I'm still practicing the previous one?" But truthfully, my ability to move on without dwelling, is progress in itself. Which in reality means, I'm learning and evolving at the same time. Cool. There are so many wonderful things I want to share but it'd be unfair to download it all at once when God didn't do that to me. So what I will do is highlight some key points and allow you to reflect on them over the next 2 weeks until we meet again.


1. I started reading a new book, Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. It's amazing! When the introduction to a book speaks to you, KEEP READING, it only gets better! Hopefully I can retrace my steps and journal so that I can blog about it as I progress. Purchase the book if you can. Everyone can and should read it!

2. "No" doesn't always last forever. I recently had to hear some No's from God and they did not make me happy. I didn't want to accept them but I did. Eventually they became easier to deal with and once I realized He wanted me to re-focus on Him, He released the Yes. The longer we fight with No, the more we prolong Yes!

3. Mark 8:34 (read it and you'll understand a little more) You must DENY yourself.. Disassociate yourself with who you were before you were saved. You know how they say, "cut back in moderation" or "gradually let things go"?  Unfortunately you can't be saved in moderation! You can't gradually disassociate yourself with who you used to be or else you will find yourself frequenting the old ways, places and habits of that old self more and more until it consumes you again.. It's okay to remember but don't reminisce. Even the "good past" can be dangerous.

4. Pray. It seems simple but we need to be reminded. And when you pray, ask to be prepared for what's coming. Most of us resort back to who we were because we are afraid of what we can become (in a good way) We fear the power we truly possess. If you ask for elevation, be ready for the whole package. If it's your destiny, quit running, you can handle whatever He gives you as long as He is always in control.


You kinda got the sides without the main entree, whoops. But those are key points in my leading journey that have helped me along the way.


Side note: In addition to this blog, if you are experiencing any areas that you want advice, accountability, prayer, encouragement, etc please message on Facebook or email me directly ( I hope my blogs have been a blessing to you and I want to extend myself further. God has placed so much inside of me and I want to share it with everyone! I love you all and look forward to hearing from you. If you email, please include your name.

Also feel free to leave comments below.

- Estonia Mosby

Good Intentions vs The Will of God

Have you ever done something with 100% good intent but yet it still went wrong? Like out of the goodness of your BIG heart you tried to fix something and ended up making it worse? Or maybe you tried to help someone but instead of them appreciating you, you felt used?

See those emotions are NOT how God wants us to feel after a good deed, especially when He knows we meant well... But we bring those results upon ourselves when we remove God from the situation. "But I didn't realize I removed God", you may say, but did you realize you also didn't include Him?

You see, I'm learning that our intent does come from a good place but it's where the intent is manifested that makes the difference. Did you know, Your intentions can manifest in the SPIRIT or in the FLESH...but NEVER BOTH? When your intent manifests in the Flesh, it mostly begins in your heart. You FEEL that you should help that person.. You FEEL that you're doing the right thing... You FEEL that as long as you mean well, all will be well. But you're wrong. Whenever those feelings go from the heart into the action but never cross paths with God to make sure He agrees, you're essentially making the decision that YOU know best.

But its intentions that manifest in the Spirit that are aligned with the will of God. They begin in the mind. You make a conscious decision about what you're doing. If we are being obedient to Phillippians 2:5, and being sure to allow Christ mind to be in us, our intentions have no choice but to line up. But I'll be honest, it never crossed my mind to consult God about my "good intentions". I thought that good intent was good enough! However, the reality is, we should consult God about EVERYTHING!!! ANY action that takes place outside of the will of God, good or bad, is in vain. God wants the best for us & wants us to operate in the love He placed in us but He wants us to understand that in order to remain in sync with His will we must always operate in the spirit.

The enemy loves to tempt those of us with big hearts because he knows he can make "doing the right thing" sound good. So, before you do any good deed with mere good intent, be sure to ask God, "Is this within your will for me?" It's no sense in wasting time doing good if God is not pleased.

Where do your good intentions manifest?

-Estonia Mosby

Exit Without Explaination

Disclaimer: This blog was shortened to prevent an overhaul of dialogue. I had a lot of content but didn't want to drown anyone in my thoughts. I apologize in advance for any cliff-hung thoughts. A periscope or Facebook live broadcast will take place to dive deeper. Thank you for understanding. 

There was a time when I felt like everything deserved an explanation. All of my actions, especially those requiring departure, needed a reason and I was adamant about giving them. Leaving things hanging was extremely difficult for me... And when I failed to see others providing me with their reasonings, I became frustrated. How do you let go without saying a word?  

Recently I've found myself much quieter.. I don't really justify things.. I don't fight battles to save relationships... I don't try to persuade anyone to think or feel anything... And when I've lost people out of my life, I learned exiting without explanation was often the best thing for me. 

See, when you always give people an explanation about the moves you're making, you give them power... You place your liberty in their hands and its up to them if they chose to release you... But if you just walk away, there's no way for them to control your departure. 

Imagine you end a relationship & your explanation for why is a seed (explanation = seed) and the person you're giving it to is the water/sun light... If you never announce that you're leaving, the seed won't be planted, thus leaving nothing to be watered and no further issues can grow. But even the smallest comment, like "goodbye" or "I'm sorry" or "I just can't do this anymore" are all ways to get the seed planted... Don't assume people won't question your absence. Even if it's not immediate, it can be a way to lure you in later down the road & the moment they come back, the seed gets watered, thus eventually grows. 

If you're drifting apart from someone, let go! It is paving the way to complete separation. CUT THE CORD! - then burn the ends. Eliminate all possible ways for the cord to reconnect. The only way that can be reversed is if God allows it. The more you say, the more you're allowing yourself to get reattached to. Unnecessary attachments cause baggage and dead weight. Your load will get heavy and prevent you from moving forward. Sever ties and stop giving people the power over you by giving them every detail of your decisions. Let stuff go...even when it's hard, ESPECIALLY when it's hard. Lighten your load by getting rid of dead weight! Be FREE!

Exiting without explanation is not going to be easy, especially if you're like me... But it will be worth it & you will thank yourself in the long run. 

- Estonia 

Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom 🇺🇸

I know I'm a day late! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, whether you celebrated or not. =)

There's been so much uproar about Independence Day or 4th of July, this year. I saw many post about people declaring their decision not to celebrate because it wasn't a day of true freedom or independence. I didn't agree or disagree but I'm always appreciative of time well spent with my loved ones. Regardless of what the true holiday represents, I do feel that this year I was able to celebrate my own independence!

This weekend was monumental for me as I celebrated 1 year of mommy hood and 1 year of my sons life. Might not seem huge to you but when you consider all the growth and change that takes place in the first year of a child's life...whew! Words aren't enough!

Within that year I discovered my true personal independence and freedom. I had to learn to do things alone. Learn that a lot of my time won't be spent with groups of people but rather just my son & I. I learned to pray for and by myself. Hold myself accountable. Rely on my own judgement for the life of another human. Separate the wants/needs of others from my own. I outgrew friends. Became more focused on my true purpose. Pursued different aspects of my destiny ON MY OWN. And truly learned the idea of "supporting myself". I started my own business. I started this blog. I started a live podcast, all on my own. (And please know, when I say "on my own" that is not excluding the help from the Lord. He made ALL of this possible) While my year's journey to independence certainly included obstacles, I'd be foolish to overlook the victories!

My biggest victory thus far is FREEDOM! Freedom from what? MYSELF! The beauty of this victory is that it's ongoing. I don't just win once and wipe my hands clean. Every time I overcome my flesh, every time I submit myself to God, every time I chose His will over my own, I'm claiming new victory and freedom! You may not understand how giving everything over to God can be freeing but I urge you to seek Him to find out. The weight I used to carry trying to manage life on my own is GONE. I am free from worry. I am free from heartache. I am free from my finances. I am free from my mind. I am free from toxic people. I am FREE!! To worship, to live, to dance, to explore, to accomplish goals. Mostly, I'm free to be ME!

This holiday wasn't about the fireworks or parades... It wasn't about the cookouts and good music... Or the laughs and late night fun... It was about my revolution of INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM. I was reminded by my pastor on Sunday that, Freedom must always be fought for! He also told me not to let anyone hold my freedom hostage, not even myself! But the key was: KEEP FIGHTING. You've heard the slogan, "anything worth having is worth fighting for"... Well my family, my independence, my purpose, my freedom, my eternity and the lives of the lost are ALL worth fighting for!

I am thankful for the 4th of July! Because each year I get another chance to sign my own declaration: I declare...

- I survive another year of parenting
- I made it to a new level in my fight
- I am reminded, I AM INDEPENDENT!
- I am reminded, I AM FREE!

And I'll add on to this declaration every time. Now here's your chance... Are you ready to sign? 📝

Estonia Mosby

Small Victories

You ever find yourself getting down and out over major failures? You know, the feeling you get when you just can't seem to get it right? As if everything you've tried was for not...? Yeah me too. Until I found myself joking about the phrase "small victories". At the time I came up with it, it was a running joke and in some cases, the exact opposite of small victories. But as I began to harp on that phrase I realized that what I was joking about, was just the encouragement I needed.

I mean often times, we get so caught up in the idea that we have to go from 0 to 100 on the scale of greatness but is that reality? More often than not, you have to put in work! By putting in work, you will likely find that there will be stumbling blocks along the way...but...there will also be many small victories too.

To be transparent... I expected to be further along in life than I am. I didn't expect to "drop out" of college... But my small victory is that I went to college. I didn't expect to have held as many jobs as I have... Small victory, at least I've been employed. I didn't expect to be a parent prior to marriage.. Small victory, I received the greatest blessing that changed me for the better.

By now you can catch my drift. Just because you were faced with a situation that didn't seem as likely or successful as the bigger picture, try scaling it down and noticing the details. It's the small things in life that create the big moments!

Imagine your small victories as puzzle pieces... Without each intricate piece, the puzzle would never be complete, thus never allowing you to see the big picture! So the next time you find yourself getting down and out over the "little things" remember that those little things play a huge role in your big picture! From now on, celebrate those small victories, eventually you'll be celebrating your success and have a masterpiece of a life to reflect on too!