Isolation = Elevation

Lately, I've been finding myself more and more distant from everyone. For some of us, that's normal. We have those periods in life where we just need to pull back and regroup...but this wasn't one of those times. This time, people started pulling back from me. Problems began to arise and completely separate me from some of the closest people to me.

I didn't understand...  

What was I doing that was so bad that people didn't want to be my friend? The more I looked for answers the less I found them until I finally realized I didn't really care. The relationships that I would have once fought for just weren't worth it anymore. But still something in my heart felt sad... I was becoming isolated by force for doing nothing wrong.

 What kind of sense did that make?? To me, NONE! But eventually, I got past the initial hurt and began to find myself. I branched out, tried new things and allowed myself to journey through the isolation carefree... Needless to say, I was liberated in my isolation.

Strange? I know..but it's true.

I was beginning to get elevated within my own self and I didn't have to worry about anyone or anything. That felt GREAT! Standing out was OKAY! I was always told that I wasn't meant to "fit in" anyway.. I was finding the true meaning of inner elevation and seeing how I could grow as a person within myself. Elevation isn't always physical or even visible. It's not always a promotion from one position to the next. But rather an upgrade from mediocre to extraordinary; peasant to royalty! We get so easily caught up in other people, good/bad that we lose sight of OUR purpose. But when you figure out your purpose and begin to LIVE IT, your life will CHANGE! Ever since I changed my focus from "why doesn't anyone like me?" to "How can I fulfill my purpose?" I seriously saw immediate change!

Stop worrying about all the casualties around you and focus on the battle... Truth is, the battle isn't with anyone else, it's between the EXISTING you and the LIVING you! Stop just existing, start living!!! Live out your purpose and the village that was meant for you will begin to rise up. 

Stay encouraged! Isolation isn't always negative... Just think of it as Gods way of dropping hints that something HUGE is about to happen to YOU! 

-Estonia Mosby