Exit Without Explaination

Disclaimer: This blog was shortened to prevent an overhaul of dialogue. I had a lot of content but didn't want to drown anyone in my thoughts. I apologize in advance for any cliff-hung thoughts. A periscope or Facebook live broadcast will take place to dive deeper. Thank you for understanding. 

There was a time when I felt like everything deserved an explanation. All of my actions, especially those requiring departure, needed a reason and I was adamant about giving them. Leaving things hanging was extremely difficult for me... And when I failed to see others providing me with their reasonings, I became frustrated. How do you let go without saying a word?  

Recently I've found myself much quieter.. I don't really justify things.. I don't fight battles to save relationships... I don't try to persuade anyone to think or feel anything... And when I've lost people out of my life, I learned exiting without explanation was often the best thing for me. 

See, when you always give people an explanation about the moves you're making, you give them power... You place your liberty in their hands and its up to them if they chose to release you... But if you just walk away, there's no way for them to control your departure. 

Imagine you end a relationship & your explanation for why is a seed (explanation = seed) and the person you're giving it to is the water/sun light... If you never announce that you're leaving, the seed won't be planted, thus leaving nothing to be watered and no further issues can grow. But even the smallest comment, like "goodbye" or "I'm sorry" or "I just can't do this anymore" are all ways to get the seed planted... Don't assume people won't question your absence. Even if it's not immediate, it can be a way to lure you in later down the road & the moment they come back, the seed gets watered, thus eventually grows. 

If you're drifting apart from someone, let go! It is paving the way to complete separation. CUT THE CORD! - then burn the ends. Eliminate all possible ways for the cord to reconnect. The only way that can be reversed is if God allows it. The more you say, the more you're allowing yourself to get reattached to. Unnecessary attachments cause baggage and dead weight. Your load will get heavy and prevent you from moving forward. Sever ties and stop giving people the power over you by giving them every detail of your decisions. Let stuff go...even when it's hard, ESPECIALLY when it's hard. Lighten your load by getting rid of dead weight! Be FREE!

Exiting without explanation is not going to be easy, especially if you're like me... But it will be worth it & you will thank yourself in the long run. 

- Estonia