Good Intentions vs The Will of God

Have you ever done something with 100% good intent but yet it still went wrong? Like out of the goodness of your BIG heart you tried to fix something and ended up making it worse? Or maybe you tried to help someone but instead of them appreciating you, you felt used?

See those emotions are NOT how God wants us to feel after a good deed, especially when He knows we meant well... But we bring those results upon ourselves when we remove God from the situation. "But I didn't realize I removed God", you may say, but did you realize you also didn't include Him?

You see, I'm learning that our intent does come from a good place but it's where the intent is manifested that makes the difference. Did you know, Your intentions can manifest in the SPIRIT or in the FLESH...but NEVER BOTH? When your intent manifests in the Flesh, it mostly begins in your heart. You FEEL that you should help that person.. You FEEL that you're doing the right thing... You FEEL that as long as you mean well, all will be well. But you're wrong. Whenever those feelings go from the heart into the action but never cross paths with God to make sure He agrees, you're essentially making the decision that YOU know best.

But its intentions that manifest in the Spirit that are aligned with the will of God. They begin in the mind. You make a conscious decision about what you're doing. If we are being obedient to Phillippians 2:5, and being sure to allow Christ mind to be in us, our intentions have no choice but to line up. But I'll be honest, it never crossed my mind to consult God about my "good intentions". I thought that good intent was good enough! However, the reality is, we should consult God about EVERYTHING!!! ANY action that takes place outside of the will of God, good or bad, is in vain. God wants the best for us & wants us to operate in the love He placed in us but He wants us to understand that in order to remain in sync with His will we must always operate in the spirit.

The enemy loves to tempt those of us with big hearts because he knows he can make "doing the right thing" sound good. So, before you do any good deed with mere good intent, be sure to ask God, "Is this within your will for me?" It's no sense in wasting time doing good if God is not pleased.

Where do your good intentions manifest?

-Estonia Mosby