Law of Commitment

Love requires commitment. That statement alone can go a long way. If you examine your relationships with the people you love, family, friends, significant others and most importantly God, there's a level of commitment that's required to reassure the other person that there is a firm foundation to the relationship. You want to know that the person you love is committed to loving you and supporting you.

Think Happy Thoughts

You ever see those people who walk just happy & carefree. It seems like they never get upset or ever face any real problems. I used to wonder, why can't I be so effortlessly happy like them? Or why don't they ever have anything bad happen to them? Well here's a newsflash, they have problems just like everyone else! The only real difference between us and them is ATTITUDE! Your attitude towards life plays a major role in how the series of events you face play out.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Most of our lack is self inflicted. We short ourselves of blessing all the time because we don't believe we deserve what God has for us; yet we wonder why He won't give it to us. If you don't even believe you should have it, what makes you think you could handle it if He gave it to you? 🤔 If we don't think we're worth it, why should anyone else? Funny thing is, Gods mentality isn't like that. 

Looking Back And Giving Praise

It has been said and proven that we are creatures of habit especially in our actions. I believe that to be the case sometimes even in our expectations. The Bible is filled with God’s promises that He will never forsake us or fail us. However in times of our greatest challenges we wonder . . . and that wondering potentially turns into doubt. It is nearly impossible to resist basing our future expectations on past experiences. However that is where faith is supposed to overshadow fact! No longer can we predict what happened in our past to repeat itself in our present or future.

Rest And Restoration

I do not think it is a coincidence that the first four letters of the word restoration are REST. states the meaning of restoration in this manner: A return to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. Restitution of something taken away or lost. Oftentimes the need for restoration occurs because there has been a shortage of rest. Out of necessity many times we set a pace for our lives that initially is manageable but after a period of time our bodies, minds, and spirits need a break from that pace. When we ignore the obvious signals we receive we can incur repercussions. If we continue to ignore those signals we can expect that sooner or later there will be a breakdown. God has created us in such a fashion that our bodies, minds, and spirits need rest; a time to revive, relax, and refresh.