He's Not Dead

Just finished the book Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challengeand boy oh boy! If you're looking for something to truly provoke your thoughts and stretch your faith, I HIGHLY recommend this book. I didn't read it in 40 days (I plan to read it again and do a consecutive 40 days) but I'm glad I took my time because it allowed me to dive in and truly put into action the different lessons. I could go on for days about all the notes I took and the things I highlighted but when it comes to prayer, there's a quote in the book that truly shook my mental. It provoked me to realize the true power God has & even more so, the power He's given us.


The author, Mark Batterson, talks about what we envision when we think of God. He went on to give some examples and a familiar one he used was the mental picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. He acknowledged the significance of that vision but it's what he said afterwards that really hit me.


He said,"You aren't praying to a God who is hanging on a cross; Jesus is seated on the throne and the earth is His footstool."


I read that sentence and tried to skim past it but I had to go back and re-read it a few times. We often treat our circumstances as if Jesus never made it off the cross. We act as though our problems can be heard but not changed. Jesus isn't still hanging hoping to convince us that He is capable of doing the impossible. His resurrection is not a question we're waiting for an answer to. He is very much alive. He is died and rose and is seated on the throne interceding on our behalf for everything we experience here on earth. So the next time you pray, think twice about who you're praying to and the power He holds. Consider what He's capable of in comparison to the petition you're bringing to Him. Remember that He is already in control, He's not still suffering! He has conquered death and our sins have been forgiven. Everything we want/need/desire is already in place, we just have to get in alignment with His will in order to receive it! Pray knowing you're already victorious!


A few encouraging lyrics from He's Not Dead by New Hope:


We never thought it could happen

Thought it was impossible

Put ur faith in something small

You can do the impossible

He defeated death

Fulfilled the prophesy

He never died

But alive for eternity


Increase your Faith! Decrease your worry! Pray hard! Live free!




I'm on a learning spree guys! You know how they say "you learn something new everyday?" Welp, that's been my life for the past 3 weeks lol but I can't say I've been eager to learn. Why would I tell you this? Well it's because I want you to know, I'm not perfect. See even though I share these blogs of inspiration, encouragement & sometimes conviction, most of the time they're really for me!!! (I had a moment) But moving on...


God has been dealing with me on so many things. Sometimes I'm like "how is it time for a new lesson when I'm still practicing the previous one?" But truthfully, my ability to move on without dwelling, is progress in itself. Which in reality means, I'm learning and evolving at the same time. Cool. There are so many wonderful things I want to share but it'd be unfair to download it all at once when God didn't do that to me. So what I will do is highlight some key points and allow you to reflect on them over the next 2 weeks until we meet again.


1. I started reading a new book, Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. It's amazing! When the introduction to a book speaks to you, KEEP READING, it only gets better! Hopefully I can retrace my steps and journal so that I can blog about it as I progress. Purchase the book if you can. Everyone can and should read it!

2. "No" doesn't always last forever. I recently had to hear some No's from God and they did not make me happy. I didn't want to accept them but I did. Eventually they became easier to deal with and once I realized He wanted me to re-focus on Him, He released the Yes. The longer we fight with No, the more we prolong Yes!

3. Mark 8:34 (read it and you'll understand a little more) You must DENY yourself.. Disassociate yourself with who you were before you were saved. You know how they say, "cut back in moderation" or "gradually let things go"?  Unfortunately you can't be saved in moderation! You can't gradually disassociate yourself with who you used to be or else you will find yourself frequenting the old ways, places and habits of that old self more and more until it consumes you again.. It's okay to remember but don't reminisce. Even the "good past" can be dangerous.

4. Pray. It seems simple but we need to be reminded. And when you pray, ask to be prepared for what's coming. Most of us resort back to who we were because we are afraid of what we can become (in a good way) We fear the power we truly possess. If you ask for elevation, be ready for the whole package. If it's your destiny, quit running, you can handle whatever He gives you as long as He is always in control.


You kinda got the sides without the main entree, whoops. But those are key points in my leading journey that have helped me along the way.


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- Estonia Mosby