Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I know I'm a day late! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, whether you celebrated or not. =)

There's been so much uproar about Independence Day or 4th of July, this year. I saw many post about people declaring their decision not to celebrate because it wasn't a day of true freedom or independence. I didn't agree or disagree but I'm always appreciative of time well spent with my loved ones. Regardless of what the true holiday represents, I do feel that this year I was able to celebrate my own independence!

This weekend was monumental for me as I celebrated 1 year of mommy hood and 1 year of my sons life. Might not seem huge to you but when you consider all the growth and change that takes place in the first year of a child's life...whew! Words aren't enough!

Within that year I discovered my true personal independence and freedom. I had to learn to do things alone. Learn that a lot of my time won't be spent with groups of people but rather just my son & I. I learned to pray for and by myself. Hold myself accountable. Rely on my own judgement for the life of another human. Separate the wants/needs of others from my own. I outgrew friends. Became more focused on my true purpose. Pursued different aspects of my destiny ON MY OWN. And truly learned the idea of "supporting myself". I started my own business. I started this blog. I started a live podcast, all on my own. (And please know, when I say "on my own" that is not excluding the help from the Lord. He made ALL of this possible) While my year's journey to independence certainly included obstacles, I'd be foolish to overlook the victories!

My biggest victory thus far is FREEDOM! Freedom from what? MYSELF! The beauty of this victory is that it's ongoing. I don't just win once and wipe my hands clean. Every time I overcome my flesh, every time I submit myself to God, every time I chose His will over my own, I'm claiming new victory and freedom! You may not understand how giving everything over to God can be freeing but I urge you to seek Him to find out. The weight I used to carry trying to manage life on my own is GONE. I am free from worry. I am free from heartache. I am free from my finances. I am free from my mind. I am free from toxic people. I am FREE!! To worship, to live, to dance, to explore, to accomplish goals. Mostly, I'm free to be ME!

This holiday wasn't about the fireworks or parades... It wasn't about the cookouts and good music... Or the laughs and late night fun... It was about my revolution of INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM. I was reminded by my pastor on Sunday that, Freedom must always be fought for! He also told me not to let anyone hold my freedom hostage, not even myself! But the key was: KEEP FIGHTING. You've heard the slogan, "anything worth having is worth fighting for"... Well my family, my independence, my purpose, my freedom, my eternity and the lives of the lost are ALL worth fighting for!

I am thankful for the 4th of July! Because each year I get another chance to sign my own declaration: I declare...

- I survive another year of parenting
- I made it to a new level in my fight
- I am reminded, I AM INDEPENDENT!
- I am reminded, I AM FREE!

And I'll add on to this declaration every time. Now here's your chance... Are you ready to sign? πŸ“

Estonia Mosby