Join Us In Consecration

Monday NoVember 28 - Friday December 2

Although fasting is biblically based it is not only practiced by Christians.  Many people around the world practice the discipline of fasting for numerous reasons.  For whatever the reason, fasting is a “discipline”.  As a Christian it is important that we strive for discipline in every area of our lives.  

When we submit ourselves to the discipline of fasting, we are indicating to God that we desire Him more than worldly pleasures. We place His will for our body, mind, and spirit as chief priority.  

Our God’s Way fast during Consecration is a communal act as well as a personal commitment.  We have witnessed the powerful move of God in operation during these times of fasting both individually and corporately.  It is true, the more effort you put into something the more you will receive in return!  Therefore it is important that we enter this time of Consecration with a willing mind and spirit.  Don’t expect the body to be willing because it will not!  The flesh will always want to rule and have what it wants.

If at all possible, be very mindful of the extensiveness of your schedule for this week.  Do not try to be “superman” or “superwoman” and load your schedule with activities and responsibilities.  There are times when God determines these fasts for you to “rest” in Him.  That does not mean to succumb to laziness.  However, when our bodies are allowed the time to slow down, we become more available to hear God’s voice and be open to receive His direction.

It is important that during a time of corporate fasting (when we fast together as a church family), that you follow the prescribed schedule as outlined by our Pastor.  He has already sought God for direction and is sharing with you what He has been given.  God always blesses those who strive to serve Him through their obedience.  

It is not wisdom to broadcast or tell everyone you come in contact with that you are fasting.  Many will not understand and some may even be very discouraging.  Just stay focused on the spiritual and natural benefits you will receive by going on this journey with God.  It promises to be a time of spiritual and physical cleansing, purging, refreshing, and renewal.



Guidelines/Daily Service Details 

During our consecration / fast week we are to abstain from ALL pleasurable activities; i.e. shopping, movies, telephone conversations, marital relations, etc. The time that you normally would be eating and participating in other activities should be spent in prayer, worship, and bible reading.

If you must take medication that requires food, please do not stop taking the medication without consulting your physician. If you experience dizziness or extreme nausea you can drink fruit juice or water. Breath mints and gum are acceptable.

We will fast daily until DARK. You may eat moderately until midnight. Monday and  Tuesday you may watch religious programming and listen to Christian music. From  midnight Tuesday till we break on Friday, (after dark), we will turn off TVs and music. That time will be spent reading your Bibles, (only), and writing in your journals. If you are interested, you may attend service at the Church of Christ as they will be in Revival  Tuesday-Friday.   You are also permitted to watch one hour of news on Monday and Tuesday only.   There will be a daily focus / devotional emailed to you and will also be posted on our website for your convenience. 

 The focus of this consecration is Personal Assessment. We are going to take this time to take a deep reflective look at who we are and who God Is, our public and private issues and then we are going to research what the Bible says about us and how we should deal with the issues that we will discover. 

You will need a designated, private journal or notebook to write down your observations.  Each day in our Devotion you will be given a “fill-In”. One side will say something like, “I am ______________”.   The other side will say “But God Is_________” 
For everything that you write down on the “I” side, you should have a specific answer to counter on the God Side. EX. I am “poor”….But God is “rich”. You will include scriptures that support your responses. Again, God is insisting that we be brutally honest with ourselves. 

This consecration will be the most revealing, enlightening and liberating consecration that you have ever engaged in. I know that God will speak to you. Please keep something by you at all times to write what you see and hear from the Lord. 

May God Bless you as you embark on this Life Changing Journey… 


Pastors Tim & Denise Carpenter