Fasting Guidelines


1. During our consecration / fast week we are to abstain from ALL pleasurable activities; i.e. shopping, movies, telephone conversations, marital relations, etc. The time that you normally would be eating and participating in other activities should be spent in prayer, worship, and bible reading.

2. If you must take medication that requires food, please do not stop taking the medication without consulting your physician.

3. During the fast we do not eat or drink outside of the one meal per day. If you experience dizziness or extreme nausea you can drink fruit juice or water. Breath mints and gum are acceptable.

4. We are permitted to watch only Christian television programming and one hour of news each day.

5. Daily bible readings and focuses will be emailed and posted on our website.


6. Consecration week will culminate with Communion service on Friday, January 24th @ 7:00 p.m.

In order to promote unity we ask that everyone follow the consecration instructions as they have been given. We recognize that fasting may be a new experience to some, therefore we invite you to speak with us privately if you have any questions or concerns.


Pastor Tim & Denise Carpenter