Consecration Focus & Instruction Day 1


Monday January 20, 2014

Deuteronomy Chapter 1


God has given us the theme, “2014…The Year Into”. As you have observed, the theme is “open”. There is no definition as the into what… That is because each of you must determine INDIVIDUALLY, WHERE YOU want to go! This consecration period is called FOR YOU!

Today’s reading tells about the account of Moses sending the spies into the Promised Land. Please take note of the accounts of the twelve.  ALL of them agreed that the land was good!


As you read:

            1.         Read verse 6 seven times out loud.

            2.         Examine what happened when the people didn’t completely TRUST

            3.         What has God told you that you took to COMMITTEE?



            Father, I thank you for bringing me to this time of consecration.  I thank you for your protection and grace as I have wandered on my way. Now God, as I prepare to enter into all that you have for me, I ask that you help me to trust that what you have told me is all true.  Give me courage and strength in Jesus Name Amen.