Consecration Focus & Instruction Day 2


Numbers Chapter 13


No doubt you have heard people who always speak negatively. They speak negatively about their situation and if you keep listening, they will share how bad off YOU are!

In our reading today we see again the account of the spies that were sent into the Promise Land. The account shares something that we did not see in the reading yesterday. The very last verse says that ten of the spies saw that the people in the land were bigger than they. A big lesson can be learned from when they said that we look like grasshoppers in our eyes so we must look like that to them.

The message told us to, “Know Who You Are”! Today ask God to remind you who and Whos you Are!



            1.         Everyone will NOT agree with your vision

            2.         Do not allow negative speakers to influence what you know

            3.         God’s Word is the ONLY TRUE WORD!



            Dear Lord, I choose to Believe you. I thank you for speaking into my live.  Forgive me for my unbelief. As I prepare to enter into, keep me focused on your word and not the word of others. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen