Consecration Focus & Instructions Day 3


Numbers Chapter 14


I listened to our podcast from this past Sunday. It was amazing to me how much God said in such a short period of time! Take the opportunity to review all of them and SHARE them with your friends and family.

Today’s lesson is about the first verse of chapter 14. The children of Israel cried after they heard the evil report of the 10 spies. Remember what the Bible In Basic English said, “they gave themselves over…” I hope that you are not just reading, but studying the scriptures that are being given. Most of what the spies said was TRUE! The problem came however when they spoke AGAINST what God said. God said GO! They said, “We Can’t”!  On the word of 10 men the nation went into a panic!

Today, I want you to examine EVERYTHING that you were told about your situation. Ask God to bring back to your remembrance the evil reports that you have heard. 



            1.         With EVERY situation that you think of, REMEMBER GOD SAID…..

            2.         Determine that you will not PANIC from an EVIL report.

            3.         Whatever you do….DO NOT SPEAK AGAINST GOD!!



            Father, I pray that you will forgive me for every time that I have spoken against you. I know that you have spoken good for me. Do not allow me to panic if and when I should hear an evil report, but Lord allow me to hold on to the Word that you have spoken. In Jesus name…Amen