Consecration Focus & Instruction Day 4


Exodus Chapter 23:20-33


It has taken me hours to determine the reading for today! The story of the Exodus spans years and many chapters of scripture. My difficulty has come because I do not want to rehearse the entire story but rather concentrate on that which is RELEVENT to our theme…”The Year Into”.

It is important, however that we do understand that the journey from Egypt to Canaan was NOT supposed to take 40 years. The actual distance would have taken about 11 days. God did not lead them by the shortest route because He needed to prepare them for HOW to live in the Promised Land!

Over the past three days we have read about the rebellion of the children of Israel before making that LAST trek.  Remember, everything that you have read so far has taken place BEFORE God had them TURN BACK. 


Today’s reading shows us:  

            1.         You are NOT ALONE! The Angel of The Lord has gone BEFORE YOU!

2.         God is our GODFATHER…”Our enemies our HIS enemies” (couldn’t resist that one LOL!)

            3.         God has done ALL of the hard stuff!! All we HAVE to do is OBEY!



            Oh God, I thank you for knowing that it is your desire that I go into this year not having to fight my own way. I thank you that you have already sent the Angel to remove those things and those people who are currently occupying what YOU have PROMISED to ME! Now God give me the BOLDNESS to take the last remaining steps INTO YOUR WILL and YOUR WAY…. In JESUS name…Amen