Consecration Focus & Instruction Day 5


Joshua Chapter 1


Wow! Can you believe how FAST, (no pun intended), this week has gone! Seriously we are down to the FINAL HOURS of this Consecration period. I pray that each of you took FULL advantage of this time and through the readings and prayers you have made up your minds that YOU are ready to go INTO!

The Lord has certainly strengthened my focus as a LEADER. There have been several hard things that I had to look at and ask Him to help me to resolve. I truly believe more than ever that these ARE the LAST DAYS and that God has Saved The Best For Last! But now we must be about the work that God has called for us to do.

We have received our command to “Go and Possess”! We were instructed to “Take It Out Of Committee”. We should now “Know Who We Are”. We understand that we are to “Stop Crying”. So NOW WHAT???

“LET’S GO”!!

Let’s Go Into The Remainder Of The YEAR

            1.         KNOWING That We Have Been Given The ORDER To POSSESS

            2.         KNOWING That We Are Equipped To Go

            3.         KNOWING That We ARE VICTORIOUS !



            Lord I thank you! I thank you for bringing me through this fast. I thank you for the study of your word. I thank you for the meals that I’ve missed and for those that I have eaten. Now Father, throughout the remainder of this year, remind me of this time that we have spent together. I love you Lord and I WILL possess ALL that you have for me…..In Jesus Name….AMEN!