Fall 2014 Consecration Focus Day 5

God’s Way Ministries International

Consecration Week

FridayOctober 3, 2014

Scripture Reading. Zephaniah 3:14-20

WELL NOW! Here we are!! God has blessed us to come to the end of a tremendous week. This is the final day. Can you imagine how the children of Israel must have felt the night before they knew that they were crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land?

The GOAL of this fast was to SANCTIFY OURSELVES. We ask him to take stuff out of us and off of us so that we could enter into. We were not asking God to do things, but we were EXPECTING Him to because that is what the scripture said.

Look at today’s text. I asked you to read the remainder of the chapter but I am only going to comment on verse 14 and the first SEVEN, that’s right 7 words of verse 15.

It’s time to SING! The commandment was given by God through Zephaniah to tell Zion to sing. As a songwriter I am aware of what makes a good song. A good song is one that can be easily learned and that the masses can sing. A GREAT song is one where everyone that hears it can relate to what it is saying. Why should we sing?

The writer says in verse 15, “The LORD hath taken away thy judgments. If you know anything about the court system, you know that when a judgment is given it is final. What God is telling us today is that those things that we deserved to be punished for, because of our fast, He has taken them AWAY! (There ought to be a SHOUT right there!)

It is NOT a coincidence that TODAY is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. It is the day in which the Jewish people go to God to repent of their sins for the entire year.We have spent the week in repentance, NOW it’s time to ENTER INTO…

Today’s Activity

1) SING !!!!!!!!!

Father I thank you for this week of consecration. Lord you have given me strength and have brought me through. I thank you for this Day of Atonement and for knowing that you have taken my judgments away. I asked that you continue to be with me as I enter into my promises. I bless you and honor you with this song…