Fall 2014 Consecration Focus Day 2

God’s Way Ministries International

Consecration Week

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scripture Reading Joshua Chapter 3:1-4

In Sunday’s message I made emphasis on verse 4 of this chapter. It states in the Bible In Basic English, “...for you have NOT been over this way before”! Sisters and Brothers, where you are NOW, you have never been before! Yes, it may look similar and it may feel familiar, but I am telling you by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that this place is different than any other place you have been in!

Today’s reading instructs us to OBSERVE. As I was meditating on this chapter, I saw something that I had never heard before, notice, I did not say that I had seen before. Please understand that the WORD SPEAKS! We are instructed to look at our ENVIRONMENT and not our CIRCUMSTANCE! We are to look at our SURROUNDINGS and not at our CONDITION! Look at where you are, and more importantly pay close attention to WHERE YOU ARE GOING! Even before you will cross your Jordan, you will begin to see the beauty of your promise!

There is one more thing. Verse 4 says that we MUST GO this way. We cannot fight the journey, nor can we change the path. Today ENJOY your walk!

Today’s Activity

  3. THANK GOD...

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for your Spirit that is leading me into my promise. I thank you for showing me the beauty of my journey. Keep my eyes steady on the destination that is set before me. I will bless you this day! In Jesus name, AMEN!