Tuesday Focus

Why Did God Choose You?

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-12

The lesson today shows us a “Process of Selection”. The Process of CHOICE! God told the prophet Samuel go to Jesse’s house because the next king, God’s Choice, was there. Remember, Jesse had 8 sons. Wouldn't it have been EASY for Samuel if Jesse would have had only ONE son?

Samuel asked Jesse and his sons to join him in sacrifice to the Lord. Sometime during this period Jesse had the boys pass by Samuel one by one. The text records that Samuel got excited when he saw Eliab. He was so sure that he had found God’s choice that he said” Surely the LORD’S anointed is before him”! But Samuel was ONLY looking at the outward appearance. 

WOW! How many times have we looked at someone and thought,”Man, they've got it going on”!  God told Samuel that he was not the one. God also reminded Samuel, and I will paraphrase, “What you see, is NOT necessarily what you get! That famous quote that we hear often comes from the Lord, “ Man looks on the outside appearance, but The LORD looks on the heart”’!

After a PROCESS, none of the potential candidates were God’s Choice. Imagine…seven men…seven REJECTS! Finally Samuel asked…”is this everyone”? Jesse reluctantly said there is one more, my youngest. David was busy tending his father’s flock and did not have time for the “LineUp”. Oh but when Jesse sent for him and Samuel saw him…

Today, I want you to REALIZE that though people, including unfortunately your own family members felt that YOU should not even be considered and had you in the back doing busy work….GOD HAS ALREADY CHOSEN YOU! There is nothing that no one can do to cancel GOD’S CHOICE! Walk in it. Talk it. LIVE IT!

Prayer: Dear God, I thank you TODAY! I thank you for making me YOUR CHOICE. I pray that you will continue to reveal to me the things that you have put into me that you require of me. Bless me and give me strength for THIS day….in Jesus name….Amen.