Thursday Focus

We love Him because He first loved us

Scripture: 1 John 4:19 (KJV)

So here we are one day before the completion of our Consecration period! It has been wonderful reading the post in We Are God’s Way! By now I am pretty sure that many of you have an “idea” why YOU were chosen! Well, I want you to do something! 

I want you to make a physical list of ALL of the reasons that you feel you were chosen! Yup, that’s what I said! Write a list! Head it…”I feel that God Chose me BECAUSE…and list your thoughts! NO-ONE will see this but you so GO FOR IT! C’mon no need to be SHY! I told you that God would reveal to you “Why did God Choose YOU”???? Maybe it's because you have talent. Maybe it's because you are good looking. Maybe it's because you are brilliant!!! “Why did God Choose You”?

Have you got it yet? The very TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS…THE ONLY REASON HE CHOSE YOU IS BECAUSE HE LOVED YOU! Pastor are you saying that God loves me MORE than He loves my unsaved family members? NO! He loves us all the same BUT when He CHOSE YOU….YOU RESPONDED BY CHOOSING HIM! WOW…..Brothers and Sisters I need you to understand, Paul said in Romans 7:8 For I know that in me,(that is within my flesh), dwelleth NO GOOD THING! King David asked in Psalm 116:12 “What shall I render unto LORD for all His benefits towards me”? David knew He should GIVE GOD something! What will YOU give?

Prayer: Oh God, I thank you for showing me the futility of listing the things that made you chose me. I do realize that BECAUSE you chose me there is something that is required of me. Lord allow me to boldly walk in the LOVE that you have so graciously poured out on me. Give me strength for THIS day….In Jesus name, AMEN