Friday Focus

The Chosen FEW

Scripture: St. Matthew 20:1-16

Our lesson for the final day of our fast is not only inspirational, but also assuring! Ihave been following the post on We Are God’s Way and have been touched by the many signs of maturing and growth! One thing that has been recurring was the mention of the past. The text speaks to this issue. 

It is intriguing to see that what the workers were doing BEFORE they were called had NOTHING to do with their REWARD! Please do not miss that. The text clearly says they were doing nothing! In fact, some of them, like some of us, were standing around makings EXCUSES! Nobody has come to them and “given” them work! Okay mature saints, isn’t laziness a “sin”? And isn’t All SIN, SIN? Soooo, whether YOU were out lying and cheating and do all kinds of “bad” stuff BEFORE you were chosen, or if you were just standing around doing nothing…IT DOESN’T MATTER! What does matter is that NOW that you have been called, and you have been CHOSEN you put your hands to the plow and START WORKING!!

This week God has been reinforcing the fact that you have been CHOSEN. You have not been chosen BECAUSE…You have been chosen TO! Chosen to witness, Chosen to teach, Chosen to help, Chosen to inspire, Chosen to LEAD, CHOSEN TO…

Prayer: My LORD and My Savior, I thank you for seeing what I have been CHOSEN to do! I pray that You will open doors for me to exercise those gifts and talents that you have given me to enhance You Kingdom! I thank you for bringing me through this wonderful time of consecration and I will operate in the understanding that I AM CHOSEN…In Jesus Name…AMEN