Look In The Mirror

God’s Way Ministries International 

Consecration Focus 

FOCUS SCRIPTURE: For I know that in me (that is in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for  to will is present with me; but (how) to perform that which is good I find not.                    

(Rom.7:18 KJV) 

“A Look In The Mirror” 

Mirrors are used to allow us to see how we look on the outside. Our face, our hair are  often the objects of our gaze. The mirror can only see a reflection of what is standing in  front of it. God is asking us this week to hold a spiritual mirror up to our souls. What will  it show? What will we see? 
As we embark upon this most serious and sacred of all journeys, I pray that you will take  every advantage of this opportunity. God loves us so much that He has called this time  for us to “Examine” ourselves. If this is done properly, it will not be an easy task. One  definition of the word examine is “to try, make trial of, test; for the purpose of  ascertaining his quality”…Ascertaining his QUALITY! Do you KNOW the quality of your  character? 
We must look at ourselves in order to be able to CORRECT ourselves! If our quality is not  pure, we must eliminate every impurity that is in us. Searching the scriptures will give us  the answers and instruct us how to deal with what we find.  

ACTIVITY: Today we will begin by listing things that we are: “I am disorderly”  God Is very  orderly. (Gen.1:1-31) In your journal make an “I am” list then make a coordinating “God  Is” list. Be sure to include the scripture(s) for the “God” side. Also, you do not have to  complete both sides together. Thoughtful consideration should be given on BOTH sides. 

PRAYER: Father it is in the name of Jesus that I come to you firstly thanking you for THIS  day and for THIS time of consecration. I ask that you help me to look deeply at myself,  and see me as you see me. Please God show me who and what I really am and then give  me all that I need to correct it. I love you and need you….in Jesus name….Amen