Do I Really Know God?

God’s Way Ministries International

Consecration Focus

FOCUS SCRIPTURE:  I John 2: 3 (AMP) “And this is how we know [daily, by experience] that we have come to know Him [to understand Him and be more deeply acquainted with Him]: if we habitually keep [focused on His precepts and obey] His commandments (teachings).  

NOTE:  Please read I John 2: 1 - 14

“Do I Really Know God?”

Unless you live on an island that is not occupied by anyone else, it is safe to say that you encounter people all the time.  In fact, most likely every day of your life.  The majority of those people you don’t really “know” at all.  They can be classified as casual acquaintances at best.  In order to “know” someone you must spend quality time with them.  What takes place during the time spent with the individual is actually more significant than the quantity or amount of time spent. 

This week is a most opportune time to ask yourself if you really know God and/or how well do you know Him.  It takes very little effort to sit in services and bible studies week after week and listen to what is being offered from your Pastor’s source of knowledge and point of view.  It is something we as Christians should do because the Bible tells us clearly not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together – meaning not to stay away from regular gatherings in your local house of worship. The question can also be raised to ask why do we assemble?  Is it because we want to “know” more about this Man that we profess to love so much because He first loved us?  Or have we established a ritualistic obligation for ourselves in performing and acting out what we believe we SHOULD be doing?  It is a fact that the more we “know” about God, the more we will act like Him, live like Him, love like Him!

I believe if you think in detail about some of your most meaningful relationships in your life, you will find that the relationship developed through experiences and quality time spent in learning what kind of individual that person really is and the impact they have made upon your life. 

ACTIVITY:  Today honestly ask yourself how well do you know this God you serve and claim to love.  Is this really your knowledge or someone else’s?   WHO IS HE TO YOU?   If you know Him to be a healer, then why are you unable to trust Him for every ailment?  If He gave you your present job, why are you afraid of pending lay-offs?  If He allowed you to find love once, can it not happen again?   If He’s paid your bills before and fed your family when your refrigerator and cabinets were nearly bare, then why does it scare you every time your bank account gets low?  If He enabled you to study and pass your tests in the past, is He not able to do it again?  List the ways in which you feel you truly know God; and then list the ways you want to know Him and should know Him. 

PRAYER:  Father in the name of Jesus I thank you today for this week of examination.  I’ve taken tests before, but I recognize that this week could be a life changing week of exams that I voluntarily administer to myself.  At the conclusion of this week I want to hear you say “well done”!  Lord I truly want to know you because the more I know you, the more I will be able to glorify you.  Help me to desire to go past surface knowledge and that which others tell me.  I want to truly know you for myself . . . for to know You is to love You!   AMEN