Doubts And Promises

God’s Way Ministries International 

Consecration Focus 

FOCUS SCRIPTURE: For verily I say to you, That whosever shall say unto this mountain, Bethou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not DOUBT in his heart, but shallbelieve that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever hesaith.  (St. Matthew 21: 21)  KJV


Monday God told us to take a “Look In The Mirror” and list the things that we are andthen make a list of what GOD IS. Yesterday, we were asked, Do we REALLY know God?  We listed the things that we know as well as the things that we wanted to know. Today,  God wants us to deal with our DOUBTS.

What is doubt? According to, doubt is “to be uncertain about; considerquestionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe”. What is doubt according to scripture? Lookat this…The word doubt in our focus scripture means, “to separate, make a distinction,  discriminate, to prefer” also, “to learn by discrimination, to try, decide” YIKES!!!

Whatgives us the right to decide if we are going to agree with what God has said? 

I am certain that each of you have heard words spoken over you either by a person or byGod himself concerning something that is in you that you must do. Sometimes we haveagreed, other times not so much. The truth of the matter is this. When a true prophesygoes forth, it should not be a surprise but rather a CONFIRMATION of what God hasALREADY said to YOU! Ex. God will not have somebody tell you that you are going to be anything or do anything that God in some way or another hasn’t already given you a clue.  


In continuing with our mandate to be BRUTULY HONEST… 

ACTIVITY: List those things that you KNOW God has said about/to you. Then list theDOUBTS that you have about each one. THEN research the scriptures and list PROMISES of God that are GUARANTIED TO YOU!

PRAYER: My Father, Firstly, I thank you for what you have already done during this timeof consecration. I thank you for showing me, ME, and I thank you for showing me what Ineed to know about you. I repent for the doubts that I have about the words that youhave spoken over me. I repent for the doubts that I have about the words your servantshave spoken over me. I pray God that you will remove my doubts and allow me to see and receive your promises. It is my desire to be ALL that you would have me to be.