Esther's Academy 101

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ! For as long as history has been recorded women have had a strong presence in our churches and religious society.  We have served untiringly behind the scenes to do our part in kingdom building. 


With each powerful and challenging opportunity, women need to become assertive yet maintain their feminine presence just as Queen Esther.  Just as Esther went through a 12-month preparation period for her role as Queen, we too must submit ourselves to a process of preparation spiritually, mentally, and physically.  For this reason, several years ago God birthed a complete vision for “Esther’s Academy”.  This is a refinement course designed to help females become the beautiful women God created them to be and discover their purpose and indisputable value in life.  The academy was created to aid women in defining their individual femininity and aiding in their quest towards greater self-significance. 

Queen Esther was a woman of God born with a purpose.  At the time when the scripture begins to reveal to us the events that would take place during the lifetime of Esther, even she was unaware that her destiny was already set.  Esther would rise to impact a king and kingdom in such a way that she would be heralded for saving an entire nation from total annihilation. 

We invite women ages 16 to mature adults to take part in these exciting and enlightening courses.  Each session promises not only to be educational and rewarding, but it will be a time of sharing, fun, and fellowship.  It is expected by the end of the Academy, each lady will fulfill their role as a woman of God not only within the church, but the academy is used as an empowerment tool to impact their families, communities, and the world at large.  It is the goal of the academy that the ladies of Esther’s Academy recapture the art and joy of femininity and womanhood.  Each lady will be equipped to fulfill their power and rightful place, as predestined by God, yet still maintain the soft touch of being a woman of God. 

Please take the time to click on "registration" above to ensure your seat  for the next exciting course of Esther's Academy U.S.  Placement is solely based upon first come first served.  For further information, please feel free to contact our administrative office at (614) 418-0927 at your convenience. 

For Kingdom Service,

First Lady Denise B. Carpenter 

Registration is closed for 2012-13 course year.  This course will be offered again beginning Fall 2013.