Easy Loving

God's Way Ministries Intl.
Consecration Focus
Thursday, February 15, 2018

FOCUS SCRIPTURE:  If you only love those who love you, what credit is that to you?  For even sinners love those who love them.     St Luke 6: 32 (AMP)


The Bible tells us that we were created in the image of our Father.  Although none of us have ever actually seen God, the Bible gives many clear references not only of who He is, but it is very descriptive of His characteristics.  Because my life is supposed to represent Christ, I make it my business to look my best especially when it comes to the manner in which I dress, my speech, and how I carry myself.  While that may be commendable in the eyes of some, reflecting His image goes much deeper.  

We've gone through half of our Consecration Love Week.   I hope you didn't expect that we would coast through without the Lord sending a challenge.  We've talked about God loving us, us loving God, and loving others.  But what about loving someone that you deem unloveable?   St. Luke chapter 6 is where we find The Beatitudes.  But as you go further in the chapter it gets quite interesting.  Verse 32, the Amplified version says, "If you only love those who love you, what credit is that to you?  For even sinners love those who love them."    Clearly, we have all experienced people in our lives that are simply easy to love.  They bring no drama, have no hidden agendas, or ulterior motives; and as one of the mothers of our former church would say, "they're just plain sweet".  But what about those who seem to be agitators, instigators, and are just plain difficult to get along with.  Well, let me tell you we're supposed to love them too!   The above scripture passage is saying to us that we should not expect our love to be credited as righteousness or rewarded for loving those who are easy to love.  When we strive to reflect the true image and likeness of God (that actually means being LIKE Him), there is a requirement to even love those who have hurt us.  That person who caused that source of greatest disappointment, the one who betrayed us or used us for their own personal gain.  YES, THAT PERSON!   With the power of the Holy Spirit living and operating fully in you, it can be done!   I encourage you to read St. Luke 6: 27 - 35.    Ask God to first open your mind that you may be receptive to what / who He wants to show you.  Then ask God to open your heart.  What follows will be totally up to God and you!   Notice I said GOD AND YOU!  In this challenge you must allow Him to take the lead!

ACTIVITY:  Read St. Luke 6: 27 - 35 at least 3 times.  I believe God is going to show you the person or persons that you need to show God's love to.  The cause of your feelings toward them or about them are not being debated or minimalized, but this is about allowing the Holy Spirit to work in you to begin the process that will enable you to love the one that in your eyes is unloveable. 

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, I thank you for this week of Consecration and the opportunity to learn more about true love that originates from You.  Lord, I know that everything about following you and being like you will not be easy, but with your power I know I can even accomplish the hard things.  As you reveal to me the one(s) that I must show your love to I ask for your help.  Show me how, show me when, and show me what to do.   Not only do I want to love like you love, but I want to love WHO you love.