Pastor Timothy Carpenter was born in Youngstown, Ohio. He was raised in a Christian home where both parents were charter members of the Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church. At the age of thirteen Pastor Carpenter also accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and became and active member of the church under pastorate of Eld. James E. Tyson.


Pastor Tim's musical ability became evident at the tender age of three. He began formal lessons at age four and studied classical piano for many years. His classical training along with his ability to play by ear allowed him to become one of gospel music's premier pianists. As a composer, studio musician, workshop clinician, and musical director, Pastor Tim has worked with many of gospel music's icons. 

Hearing and accepting God's call to the spoken word ministry in 1997, Pastor Carpenter immersed himself in the study of the Word as it relates to daily living. Always one to look beyond what he has heard from others, his approach to preaching is fresh and relevant. He deems himself as a "preacher of small words" and strives to deliver a message that is both inspiring and applicable. He proclaims, "A message is only as good as its application"!

In 2005 Pastor Tim, with his wife, Pastor Denise, launched out in ministry founding God's Way Ministries International. God's Way is not just the name, but the foundation of the church. Pastor Tim's love for all of God's people has granted him favor with many denominations. Pulpits have been opened to his unique delivery of God's word because he focuses his messages on that which concerns man's salvation and growth. Pastor TIm has been blessed to carry the gospel both through spoken word and song throughout many countries. He enjoys immersing himself in the different cultures and is often found on the streets of foreign countries just taking in the sights and sounds when he has leisure time.

He always enjoys the company of his immediate and extended family, Denise, Micah, Jaime, and Molly, Michael, Kim, Daniel, Simone, Bishop, Courtney, Karen, Aaron, Kristel, Paul, and Shawn; and his grandchildren, Hollyn, Mackenzie, Julian and Canaan, Kevin Jr., Kierre, Laila, Zaida, Bishop David, Isaiah, Isabella, and Kaydence

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Pastor Denise B. Carpenter has committed her life to leadership and ministry for over 30 years.  She has served in various capacities such as Church Administrator, Conference Coordinator, Project Manager, and Consultant to corporations, non-profit organizations and churches across the United States and abroad.  After many years of serving faithfully in the background, God has pushed her to the forefront where she is sought after as teacher, preacher, lecturer and counselor.  

On December 29, 2005, she assumed yet another call as she fulfilled the role of support to her husband as pastor.  Pastor Denise Carpenter and her husband, Pastor Timothy Carpenter are the co-founders of God’s Way Ministries International.  In March, 2008 she was ordained and consecrated as the Assistant Pastor.


Pastor Denise has a strong passion for training and developing women.  Her mission is to aid them in the discovery and fulfillment of their purpose in life, and to move freely and boldly in it while celebrating their unique femininity.  Her commitment to wholistic ministry and her strong passion to see women everywhere become all they are destined to be motivated her to write a personal development curriculum entitled Esther by Design (EBD) formally Esther’s Academy.   The Academy made its debut in England, spring 2005 and was established in the state of Ohio in September of 2006.  Since that time Esther by Design has expanded to include several courses to encompass its nine month curriculum, and annual women’s retreats and conferences. 

It is within Esther by Design that God established a platform to encourage women of all ages to embrace their true identity and to aid women and guide them through their journey to destiny. As Pastor Denise watches her dreams and visions come to reality through the numbers of women who graduate from the academy, her dedication to excellence, education, and empowerment grows stronger as she constantly moves forward with a sense of urgency. As she strives to live a life of obedience, she fully embraces her call as a much sought after preacher, teacher, and lecturer.

Pastor Denise resides in Columbus, OH with her husband, Pastor Tim. They are strong proponents of the institute of marriage and as certified marriage counselors provide in depth pre-marital and marriage counseling to couples and families. She and her beloved husband are the proud parents of two adult daughters, Micah Danielle and Maurielle Danaé, and four beautiful grandchildren.

Lady Denise Carpenter is available for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars.  

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