Growing Inward Reaching Outward is the motto for our church. God has directed that WE, the God’s Way Family, focus on becoming all that He has called us to be. Our strength lies in our ability to be obedient to the word. The word must be taught and the word must be understood so that the word can be applied.

When we learn to apply the word, then we GROW inwardly. Our faith builds. Our attitudes change. Our focus shifts from what is external to what is eternal. We grow inward by attending worship services and Bible study, as well as taking advantage of course offerings that provide information to be a stronger Christian.

As we grow inward, we must REACH outward. It is not the Lord’s desire that “any should perish”. We have an obligation to spread the word to our neighbors and family and friends. We do this most effectively by living lives that are reflective of our personal inward growth.

Growing Inward, Reaching Outward…God’s Way!