The Proverbial Woman


The last 22 verses of Proverbs 31 have been highlighted, preached, and read for Mother’s Day services, women’s banquets, and occasions to honor exemplary women for countless years.   Because there is no name associated with this outstanding individual we are moved to contemplate if we have focused the majority of our attention on the daily tasks she accomplished or what God is really trying to show us, and that is her integrity, strength, and character.   We are often task and duty driven, but what is the motivation behind our movement?

This newest course offering evolves from Proverbs 31. The subject material will unveil the “obvious truths” of God’s original intent for His female creation. Students can expect detailed instruction and guidance that will promote examination of one’s personal character. As we study the example set before us in this well known proverb, it is the mission of this course to reveal all the possibilities of personal achievement. A life filled with accomplishment is not only “possible”, but “probable” when a woman is given the tools and encouragement to dream, create, and succeed.