Who Wants To Hear A Testimony or Two?

Our members mean the world to us and are the life-blood of everything we do!

But, We’ll Let them Tell You About Their Experience, So You Know It’s Real 😆 

I go to God's Way because I realized that I'm more than my mistakes here. Being a member allowed me to understand my worth and value in the Kingdom. As a member I'm challenged to have my own relationship with God rather than depend on others access. And since I have my own access, I have learned to go to God for myself, I've been able to achieve a deeper level of intimacy with Him and to enjoy being His daughter. It's been a true blessing to be a member at God's Way and I thank God for my growth in Him.
Terri Hearn
Elder & God's Way Member
Gods Way has allowed me to find myself, my purpose & a deeper relationship with God. I’m free to be myself & evolve in ministry under leadership that cares about cultivating and preparing me for new levels in God
Estonia Mosby
Freedom Movement Dancer & God's Way Member
Growing up I felt like God was an acquaintance of mine, I never felt a true relationship. Gods way is an environment where i have grown into that relationship. I continue to feel the love that God has for me, the love that I had been missing. Gods way is the best tool to grow a lifelong relationship with God.
Shannon Allen
God's Way Member

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Prayer ministry is praying with and for others, events, situations, and anything else God may put on our hearts. The early church prayed together and for one another all the time (Acts 1:14). Prayer was a foundational principle (Acts 2:42).